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Roles and Ranks and Staff Roles NOT CODE

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**There are several roles and ranks available to the server members. There are 11 level ranks, earned every 5 levels until the upper ranks. Here they are from Citizen to Prince/Princess.** 

<@&722713746992005140> `Level 60` The highest citizen rank in our server, those who reach this level earn the greatest respect and trust. Rulers of their fellow citizens. 

<@&722712777675767828> `Level 50` A very high title of Nobility. Very highly respected and trusted in the server. 

<@&722714031575531621> `Level 40` A middle class of Nobility. 

<@&397934033407049728> `Level 30` A person with an exceptional degree of holiness, very valued by the Royalty for their knowledge. *Ranks after this will occur every 10 levels.* 

<@&397931545014304770> `Level 25` Nobility earns more privileges and higher social status, they earn access to a few fun commands from our bots. 

<@&397934181822234624> `Level 20` A skilled craft worker, like an artist. Valued by the royalty for the things they can make. 

<@&397934938386726914> `Level 15` Well-born, genteel and well-bred people of high social class.  

<@&722715360876298331> `Level 10` Citizens earn the right to change their nickname at this level! 

<@&722715219775717416> `Level 5` An attendant, servant, or lesser official in a royal or noble household. 

<@&397801273652674571> `Default` This is the default role earned upon joining. Welcome to the server! Start chatting to level up and you'll get to the rest of the roles. 


**Please respect anyone with the following roles, they are staff and moderators:** 

<@&397884202617405442> This is the absolute highest and most powerful rank of the server. They are the rule of the server, though kind and playful. 

<@&397931882299523093> Our Royalty are our Head Admins who have the highest powers and near-magical abilities. Be careful around them! 

<@&722716949003632720> Our Baronets are our Admins. They have control of most everything in the server and help decide who will be our mods. Please treat them with the same respect as our Knights.  

<@&397932878882799626> Our valiant and brave protectors. Knights are moderators and should be treated with the utmost respect. They have full command of our moderation bots and are knowledgeable of our rules. 

<@&397931615113969664> Our Knight's apprentice. Trainees for moderator with moderate powers to use our moderation bots and Discord's moderation powers. This is the role you'll get if you apply for mod and get accepted!